Canadian Women Are Practically People!

We join Emily Murphy mid-conversation apparently. She is reminiscing about her early days when she was to be Senator, but under Canadian law, women weren’t people. Uh oh! Anyway, later they fixed that.

The primary problem with this Heritage Moment is how little there is to it. Emily Murphy just remembers this time when there was a problem, then reminds us that it was fixed. There’s no sense of the struggle. We don’t get to see Murphy struggling with the problem like we do the early women in medicine. We don’t get to see her petitioning the “noble lords of the privy council” or whatever. All we get is a gentle reminiscing and we’re done. There’s no style to the soliloquy like John Matheson’s.

“I was not a person” has a bit of quotability, but it isn’t enough. I would be lying if I gave this Moment anything more than Two out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. Having seen how much can be crammed into a minute, this little lesson in Canadiana simply does not make the most of its time.

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