I wish Lord Melvin was here.

This is a simple one. It’s Windsor Castle in 1841 and we have a discussion between the Queen of England and some guy named Lord Melbourne (Though I always heard “Lord Melvin” in my youth) about letting Canada have a “responsible government”. I’d be a lot more interested in this if the term “responsible government” meant that we’d finally be getting a government that knew better than to do things like leaving the door so the cat can get out or spending all our money on toy skeletons, instead of the political meaning it actually has, which is something about us being allowed to elect folk from Canada to govern. Sounds like too much work to me. Interestingly, this piece has a discussion about Canada, but it is not set in Canada and features no Canadians. Why should Canada pretend that anything that happens elsewhere is important? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of nationalism?

I must say that this one is a goldmine for great quotes that I would never find a useful in daily life. Many of the best Heritage Moment quotes are just unspecific enough that you can apply them elsewhere. These ones are all pretty directly about the debate at hand. That’s a shame. While the Queen has a lot of good buts, pretty much everything Lord Melbourne says is golden. My favorite is the bit about “some obscure politician from Montreal… or Toronto.” You tell them Melbourne. Also, your facial hair is godly.

I feel I can only justify Three and a Half Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. This isn’t a bad one, but it is just lacking enough to be awesome.

Anyway, I assume the handmaiden who said “Pity Ma’am” was later murdered for pitying the Queen. Queenie don’t need your pity, handmaiden.

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