The Remarkable Discovery Trailer

Okay, so this is a trailer for a film called The Remarkable Discovery which we intended to make. The music seems to be Flesh for Fantasy by Billy Idol. The general idea we had, as I recall, was that the finished product, which was to be a silent film-style thing and the bit with the scientist drunkenly lashing out and the run to the elevator weren’t going to be in it. We basically planned for the actual Remarkable Discovery, which probably wouldn’t have been much longer than this, to be less interesting. Perhaps it should not be a surprise then that we lost interest.

Originally posted to Contains2 Saturday 13 November 2004

  1. I’m glad you lost interest. Unlike your other video this made me want to kill myself or someone else. Or kill myself and then kill someone else. See, I’d kill myself but first send this video to someone else who would kill themselves because of watching it.

    Yes,I’m a harsh critic. A bit of an asshole too.

  2. Oh come on, the intercutting with the gun was kinda neat… plus a drunken tirade in two directions!

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