America Lost, Vampires Found

So, for two weekends in a row I have tried to see Captain America in movie form, but it has not worked out. And now it doesn’t seem to be playing on my side of town. I would not be surprised if the movie isn’t even around next weekend, so I may have missed my chance. Alas.

However, Kiiip and I did go see Fright Night tonight. I enjoyed it enough that I’ll give this movie Three and a Half Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. I like to see vampires treated as threats individually instead of as being chumps mowed down en masse by an Action Hero like Blade or Buffy (though I like both Blade and Buffy, those are the examples I’m giving here). While this movie is still more action movie than horror movie, that’s what I expected from it, so that was okay. David Tennant was in here. I like that. There could have been more of him, but all in all, if you’re willing to enjoy this kind of movie, this is the kind of movie I think you’ll enjoy.

It is worth noting that apart from the two of us, there were four other people in the theatre. This breaks the low-times record previously set at six when Marq and I saw Tenacious D. Granted we went to an afternoon showing because Kiiip loves making me wake up early and this is kind of a night-time movie, but it still can’t be good to have six people in a theatre on any showing on an opening weekend.

  1. America Lost,Vampires Found. That is one of the greatest titles you made on this site.

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