Guglielmo Marconitron: ACTIVATE!

Oh, man! Here we go. This one starts with grown men doing science with kites (Kites were so useful to Old Timey Scientists. Modern scientists would benefit from more kites, I think.) Since this is in Newfoundland there are obviously hordes of unattended children wandering around with absolutely nothing to do. These children laugh at the men doing science, but when the science is successful the men are so happy that they forget the children’s rudeness and show them how they just got wireless technology off the ground (if you will).

Quotewise, there’s a couple worth loving. The interplay “Do you know where England is?” “Sure, it’s over there.” is fun and, in my opinion, quotable. But the real clincher that makes this Attempt To Make Canada Feel Good About Itself a classic is Marconi’s reading of “Through the air, across the ocean, the first time ever.” Presumably the man had an Italian accent when speaking English, which is to be accepted, but that line is not spoken in an Italian accent. That line is spoken in fluent Robot. That is fact. That is sweet, beautiful, glorious fact.

This one gets Five out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. Wireless technology is something I consider great in my daily life, and Marconi talking like a robot is something all Canadians should remember fondly.

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