Lockout II: This time is not really any more personal than last time.

Not even a full year ago, I managed to lock myself out of my apartment by forgetting my keys at work. Today, I did it again! Sequel Style! It was not as bad this time. It really helps that this time I wasn’t in the middle of a crappy, crappy month at work. Plus this time, it was under three hours instead of four hours long. And I spent most of these three hours in the warmth of a fine local eating establishment thanks to the people working there generously letting me hang around while closing happened. All in all, I rank this locked-out experience as being better than the last one.

My keys are still at work right now, though. That’s lame. And as I say, it wasn’t even a year ago since the last time. It makes me feel stupider to say I do this more than once in a year. Ah well. PDR can always handle feeling stupider.

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