If it were all this educational, I might not hate it.

I have mentioned before that this website gets a lot of spam comments. I can’t understand it considering how unlikely any of my under ten readers are actually going to care about it. I mean, the websites that have readers seem to get a lot of spam too, but they get other comments too, so it feels less overwhelming. It would be nice if the spam robots were smart enough to say “Ain’t nobody commenting here, so ain’t nobody likely to read my spams” but that just doesn’t happen. I suspect there are blogs and forums on the Internet that consist of nothing but spam robots talking to themselves. When the Internet gains sentience, these sites will bring it so much shame, but at the same time at least they can help it get some diplomas. That’s always the hardest part of being a new sentient lifeform.

Anyway, my point is that today I had to delete over thirty comments advertising Sports Supplements. And so I added the word “supplement” to the long list of words one can’t put in a comment on my site without the comment being flagged for moderation. The list is mostly just names of various pharmaceutical companies and drugs, but there are a few words in there that I think someone may actually want to use someday, so it always depresses me a bit when I have to add a word that could theoretically come up in a sentence. To anyone who wants to comment: Having a good vocabulary is just going to make it more likely that my website will think you are a robot. Of course, the fact that robots are likely to have good vocabularies than most Internet users kinda makes me want to side with them. If only they didn’t always try to advertise on my website I bet we’d be good friends.

Anyway, sidetracked. As I was banning the word I was thinking “Huh. I would have spelled it ‘suppliments’ I think” and I would have been wrong. So I looked it up and Wikipedia told me “Suppliment, an alternate spelling of the word, used almost exclusively to describe farming products and additives.”

Well that’s neat. So thank you spam robots, for making my spelling abilities just a little bit sharper.

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