You Better Beleive It!

There’s apparently a Japanese restaurant opening up the street from me. They’ve a sign on their window saying they want “part time employers”. If I wasn’t so sure that that was a typo, I’d really have to consider trying for that.

Okay, anyway. I found this article in the paper two days ago and attempted to rip it out to talk about it here. Except it would appear that what I ripped out was the article directly beneath the one I wanted. I guess “Even in White House, Obama girls do chores.” Not really what I was looking to talk about, (and not really newsworthy if I were asked…) but good for them, I guess. It’ll build character. Last thing we want it a couple of little kids with atropheid chores-doing skills. There’s enough of those around already.

Actually, I did get the last paragraph of the article I wanted, and that’s the most important part. The peice was about a decision by educators to stop using the phrase “I before E except after C” because there are just way too many exceptions. Most of the people in the article as I recall were down with it, but here is the last paragraph as written on this scrap of paper: “But supporters say the ditty has value because it is one of the few language rules that most people remember.”

To sum up, educators say, “we’re not going to use that because it is wrong.” These “supporters” whoever they may be say, “It may be wrong, but people remember it.” What the chunks, supporters? Are you idiots? As an idiot myself I can say that that little ditty was definitely remembered by me and it Messed Me Up. While the examples in this post are done on purpose, I do have a genuine problem remembering the I’s and E’s of plenty of words and I say we get rid of that misleading phrase and prevent another generation of children from hesitating over words the way I do.

It’s like effin’ Pluto again. People just don’t like things they know to change because then they don’t feel like they know things, I guess…

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