Okay, it’s not really so much a snow storm as it is some snow, but I thought it best to continue the weather themed titles. But anyway, we got snow and I don’t want it there. But I’m not too upset about it yet. I mean we barely got snow last winter, so my tolerance is a little higher. But give it time. And for the record, that hurricane last week turned out to be a bit of a wuss, really. I guess some places lost power for a few hours and some more rural ones for a day or more, but the PDR went no longer than ten minutes without it. Granted it cut out when I was a minute away from the end of the movie I was watching, but that’s just a minor annoyance.

Anyway, in other news I have been playing a free trial for Star Wars Galaxies. It’s got some major flaws, but I have been able to say “omgstarwarz lol” on four different planets now, which amuses me. What doesn’t amuse me is having a character (a Jedi no less) trapped behind knee-high barriers that he cannot jump over and between openings that look larger than him, but he cannot walk through. I ended up just making another character and joining the Empire.

And before I go I want to I want to mention this so I don’t forget it. I was hanging with Kip the other day and mentioned that I had hit myself in the face with ice cream last week. He asked if anyone had been around to see it and I said that Marq was sitting next to me, but watching the television, so he didn’t see it. Kip then pointed out, and I don’t remember his exact words but something like “When I lived with you, I always kept one eye on you, because I knew you were always seconds away from doing something stupid”. That makes me happy for some reason.

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