Ape Who?

I do a lot of crossword puzzles at work (it keeps the mind off of how much of my life is being wasted) and a few weeks ago I came across a puzzler. The clue was “Fictional Character in the Marvel Comics Universe.” Now this is the sort of thing I ought to know. I may not know much when it all comes down to it, but this? This is my niche. But I didn’t get it. It was three letters and the middle one was “P”. The only thing that could fit would be Ape. And while there is a character named Ape (this Morlock in a toque who, if I remember correctly was a shapeshifter) there’s no way in heck he’s making it into a crossword. Especially one made for the South Shore of Nova Scotia’s Out and About section. But last night I saw the answers. It was “Ape”. What the chunks? Honestly?

Ah well. Good for Ape, I guess. Too bad I’m pretty sure he’s dead in the comics. But c’est la vie.


It’s a big bullet.
Shot from the world’s biggest gun.
It can break your soul.

Watched the Strangers With Candy movie yesterday. I had seen some people on the Internet complaining about it, but I liked it. People on the Internet complain too much. And we’ve been watching downloads of Duckman lately too. There’s a show that deserves to be on DVD.

Reoun an rtehr. Abg bein tkin afhbk ah, tba ggmibm, atihn inuin. R aybiyn fhgahiun jghb’jo. Uhubn nhbybuanhb. But what can you do?

And that’s it for now.

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