PDR Update: August Already?

Alright. Let’s see what I need to update us all on:

Most significant is the fact that I had to get a new computer after my last laptop failed on me. It was a fairly gradual death at first, getting slower and slower as it went, so I had backed things up fairly recently. I lost about two weeks of research notes and the bookmarks in my browser. That is such a small amount of loss that I can accept it happily, but I’d sure like to be able to hop back on there long enough to get those notes back…

Anyway, the new laptop is nice and fast and has as much space as my external hard drive (I ought to get a new one of those by this point). I already expect that the problems with this one will be focused around the power charging outlet thing. The little prong inside looks worryingly fragile.

I have not quite had time to really organize things on the new computer yet, but it definitely could be a good computer from what I can see, and could have been a much worse loss of information.

Apart from that, the main detail of the last few weeks is that I twisted my ankle. If anyone wants to see a picture of my bruised foot all swollen up so it looks like a big gross baby foot, I have such a thing. In spite of how much time I have already lost to hospitals this year, I was convinced to have this injury examined by medical professionals. It turns out that I did chip a bone, but it also turns out that the medical advice was basically just rest and cold and elevation and all of that is what I would have done without spending hours in hospital waiting rooms. Oh well.

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