Planet Gurx: Life On The Slime Farm


A Strondovarian stands on slime farm grounds. Near a building, an Embivel drinks from a dish of water. A Nathaie flies above. Visible in the distance is a slime pool.


Embivels are one of the first animals that the Strondos domesticated, at some point in history long forgotten, and they now occupy a place in Strondo culture similar to dogs or mules to humanity. An Aehubar species capable of carrying or pulling a lot of weight, most of the work once done by Embivel on Gurx is now done by machinery, but it’s still generally seen as useful to have some around.


A Glounaph species known for bright crests, Nathaie are very territorial and quite intelligent. Strondo farms will often provide a home for Nathaie, and treat them well, so that they will chase off small animals that try to sneak onto the grounds and raise alarm should larger creatures show up.


Unseen in the picture, but ubiquitous on the farm, are the tiny creatures known as Palooath. A distinct worm-like branch of Vootuph, Palooath can live beneath the purple grass-equivalent of Gurx and draw nutrients from the soil. At some point in history, Strondos noticed that when creatures ate Palooath, the resulting biological waste was quite good at helping slime to grow. It’s now standard farm procedure to have a lot of palooath around to be eaten by the other creatures and gather the resulting waste to drop into the slime pools.

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