Super Sunday: Frankenstein Apocalypse Characters

In a world where scientists got too careless and accidentally created frankensteins that were more powerful than humanity, the frankensteins have taken over. What humans remain have to eke out a on the fringes of their destroyed cities, their numbers ever dwindling as they are used as parts by industrious frankensteins who want to create even more of their kind.

But apart from those poor handfuls of humans that dot the landscape, what else is out there?

Frankenstein Apocalypse Characters


Gumbo is a representative of the “everyman” of the frankensteins. Though he hates humans obviously, he doesn’t go out of his way to hunt them down or conquer the world or anything. He’s happy just living in Frankenstopolis and helping to create the society that will rise on the ashes of humanity.


When the Gravedoctor tried to study the magic that exists in the world, he found a means to create a great champion of frankenkind. By killing a human who was cursed to be a were-lion and another who was a were-eagle, the Gravedoctor sewed their corpses together to create Griffinstein. The magnificent beast is now the Gravedoctor’s chief agent and protector.

Naturally, since the talons of the were-eagle were the feet of the cursed human, if the Griffinstein is turned to a human form, it’s got legs coming from its shoulders and arms hanging from its back. It’s less impressive that way.


With the success of the Griffinstein, the Gravedoctor sought more study of magics. To that end, he took the bodies of some skilled witches who might have a natural talent he could exploit. But to keep the result controllable, the Gravedoctor combined the witches with some complete idiots. The result is half witch, half halfwit. The Halfwitch works with the Gravedoctor, but she does indeed resent her subservience and intends to betray him. Still, she is an idiot.


It might seem like one lesson to be learned from the Frankenstein Apocalypse is that science is dangerous. While that can be true, we have to remember that science has its upsides as well. One upside is Considerabot, the considerable robot. Created by a team of scientists to oppose the frankensteins, Considerabot wages a war against the reanimated-corpse usurpers of Earth and tries to protect humanity.

The Mummy Eater

A mystic who gained great power by devouring mummies, the Mummy Eater is not at all happy that the frankensteins have overthrown the world and ruined his plans. With mummies now considerably harder to come by, the Mummy Eater has to wage war on the frankensteins, not out of love of his fellow humans, but solely out of his own self-interest.

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