Super Sunday: Clobgins


The Clobgins are a four-armed bipedal species that has a singular large eye on their head and a thick tail. They stand only two feet tall, but their technology is so advanced that they would appear to us to be magical little beings. They’ve tapped into forces of the universe we can’t understand, so we can safely call them a race of alien wizards.

The Clobgin homeworld, Clobb, has been heavily modified since the forest world where they first evolved. Using their magic powers, the Clobgins have transformed it into a multitude of mystical domains, separated by bubble-like domes, that each have their own internal physics. From space, Clobb doesn’t even look like a planet anymore, it looks like a collection of multicolored soap bubbled floating through space where a planet once was.

Collesho is a wizard who lives in a domain that preserves the forest style of the world’s original form. The denizens of that particular sphere are the traditionalists of the Clobgins, the ones who protect the “old ways”. The rest of the domes are fine with that. They don’t care about the old ways, so let the forest wizards protect them if they want it so bad. Collesho lives in the old ways, tending an orchard that produces fruits that are perfect for potions and elixirs and unguents and all that.

Vydarn is a gruff miner in an underground domain. When the planet was normal, this domain would have been uninhabitable, the pressure and heat being too much for life. But now, the Clobgins can walk around in tunnels that run next to streams of magma with ease. Vydarn is mining for gold, which is great for making magical talismans.

Marmoi lives in a sky domain full of floating islands and airships. Marmoi is an adventurer who seeks opportunity wherever it arises. A lot of the time, this means that doing crimes, though. A particularly common “adventure” is gliding onto some island and looting their goods. Fun and profitable, but not particularly respectable.

A Fact About Clobgins: In most of the various domains of Clobb blood sacrifice is a very common procedure. In domains that can’t convince the population that being sacrificed is an honor, it is often a punishment for criminals or prisoners of war.

Universe: Brown

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