PDR’s Report Card 2015

Oh hey, I just remembered that I get marks for those classes I did. There weren’t many this year, but here they is:

Outlaw Tales: A-
The Vampire: B+
The Short Story: B+

There were also two classes I took that I dropped out of a few months in because I was feeling burned out. For these I’ve been given a “W” for “withdrawal” I assume, but the joke is on them because I still learned a bunch of stuff and didn’t even have to write any exams.

Popular Cinema: W
The Pirate and Piracy: W

The bigger news, though, is that I am probably taking at least a year off school. As mentioned, I have scaled down from a full-time student to a part-time student because balancing work and school has worn me out. But the consequence I had not foreseen about this plan was that I now have to start paying off my student loans already. In order to afford that, I need to work more. To be honest, I could probably use the break from school. This winter really got me down on it.

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