PDR’s Report Card 2014

I have found my way through another year of school and some people gave me some letters:

Cartoons and Comics: A-
Close Reading: B
Creative Process: A
History of Catholicism: B+
Intro to Human Geography: A
King Arthur: A
Pulp Fiction: A-

I have to admit, these are better than I was expecting. This year, more than last year, I basically felt tired and overworked the whole time. I expected my marks to suffer more than they actually seem to have done. Oh well, here’s what I learned: next year I am taking fewer classes at a time.

Last Year’s Marks

  1. Only a B+ in History of Catholicism. The Pope is going to be so disappointed in you.

    • When I’m Pope, I’ll make sure that everyone thinks I got an A.

      Seriously though, I am surprised I even got that high in that class. I love history classes, but I find them very difficult and this one was no exception.

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