Super Sunday: Kill-A-Lot-Bot and Fireclops


When the robotics wing of Astounditech Incorporated was the victim of serious financial cutbacks, the staff decided, in a moment of anger, programmed one of their most advanced robots to go on a killing spree. Unfortunately for them, it was very good at it. The robot killed the heads of the company, the programmers and engineers, and just about everyone it came across. It killed a lot. Eventually, the authorities were able to stop the robot’s rampage, but just then the Robotic Raiders arrived to recruit Kill-A-Lot-Bot to their goal of human extinction. Taken to the machine team’s secret base, Kill-A-Lot-Bot continues to join the serve.

I have opinions on the idea that Artificial Intelligences would want to destroy all human life. To greatly simplify those opinions: I figure they probably won’t have much reason to want do that. This character is the opposite of that. Unlike most of the villains I’ve done so far, this one is neither a villain assigned to one of my heroes from previous Super Sundays, nor meant to stand alone. The Robotic Raiders have appeared in one of my Robexor stories. Why make another robot for a team already staffed with several robots in a story I already did? Honestly, I mostly just wanted to draw a robot, so I did.


In this corner, from the Isle of Mystic Fire, the terrible daughter of the Burning Sky, the flaming creature with a hunger for roast human: Fireclops! Striding forth from the vortex that leads to the Magic Realms, Fireclops tears through cities and towns setting fire and eating people. This is the exact kind of magical threat that Konwaag the Magic Hunter seeks to put to an end. Which of these two powerful beings will come out on top? And how much damage will the human race suffer in the meantime?

Nothing much to say about this one. Just drew a cyclops, then added fire. That happens sometimes. If Konwaag is meant to be a rival hero to Noblewoman, Fireclops is the kind of threat that makes us know that Konwaag is still a relatively good guy. And that way, Fireclops and Noblewoman can work together to fight.

  1. Sometimes you just want to make robots. I think that’s how the Mega Man series was created.

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