Super Sunday: Hurtch and the Larcener


Hurtch is your typical Fifth-Dimensional Ogre. He’s just angry all the time and wants to beat the heck out of people. Luckily for him, he knows how to get to that puny Three-Dimensional world called Earth. In the Third Dimension, Hurtch is so powerful that he would Blow Your Mind! Unfortunately for Hurtch, Volcanocles is hanging around on that Earth planet. And Volcanocles isn’t going to let Ming Blowing Power stop him.

The idea for a Fifth-Dimensional Ogre is something that’s been rolling around in my head for a while, a reaction to the Mr. Mxyzptlk, Superman’s Fifth-Dimensional Imp. But, where Mxy gives Superman an opponent to fight with his mind, Hurtch and Volcanocles are just all about the punching each other. Because that’s the kind of guys they are.

The Larcener

The world’s cleverest thief. The Larcener is a mysterious criminal. He seems to work for himself, never taking jobs for hire, but he also targets items that are too unique to ever be fenced without getting noticed. Perhaps he is amassing some collection or the world’s most valuable knickknacks, or perhaps he is more interested in the act of thievery than the personal gains, but nobody can say for sure. The Larcener has never been captured and nobody has even heard his voice.

With all the tricks you might expect from a master thief (smoke grenades, suction cups, grappling hooks, laser cutters, etc.) the Larcener has broken into Billionaires’ mansions, top-secret military bases, an ancient temples, leaving only a monogrammed calling card with a monogrammed “L” is left behind to taunt the victims.

Allow me to paraphrase my thought process in creating the Larcener: “I should make a thief-lookin’ guy.” That was followed by “I wonder if there’s an old-fashioned word for a thiefy dude.” I turns out there was. The Larcener would work as a foil for Securitaur. I envision the Larcener being the One Who Gets Away, the enemy that Securitaur and company come up against again and again, but can never seem to capture. Maybe they foil his crimes from time to time, but he always gets away. Maybe Securitaur successfully repels the ninjas, then turns around to find the loot that he’d been hired to protect has vanished.

  1. ” then turns around to find the ” WHAT?!!! What did he find? Did he find the dog eating a toddler? Did he turn around to find the mimes attacking everyone? I need answers.

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