Canadian Pie Investigations

√Čtienne Parent is this guy who wrote that French and English could probably get along without armed conflict. Nobody wanted to hear that, so he got put in prison. That did not stop his writing, though. Here we see him smuggling editorials out of his cell under a pie while a guard fails to catch them.

This guard is apparently concerned enough about Parent’s writing that he’s willing to ruin a pie, but he isn’t bothering to check the guy’s pockets, or even to look into the cell to see if Parent is writing. I don’t consider this guard exceptionally good at his job.

Why is the pie going out of the cell? Certainly Parent is not baking pies and sending them out into the world. Is he just being given pies and straight-up not eating them? Dude deserves to be in jail. Three out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. There’s nothing to be quoted and the pie desecration is the only truly memorable bit.

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