I am bad at reading.

It has come to the part of the year when I’m supposed to start thinking about what classes I need to take next year, so I’ve been doing that.

Every English class I’ve had so far has assured us that the more we read, the quicker we will get at it. I disagree. I read an awful lot and have done so for about as long as most of my fellow students have been alive. I remain a pitifully slow reader (as I said, just a while ago). By the claims that the English Professors are making, I should have plenty of experience points to make myself a reader guy of outstanding levels. But I don’t.

As I’ve said before, I specifically picked classes in which I’d read at least some of the reading material, to give myself a bonus head start, and in spite of that I still feel like I am behind. I look at the classes for next year and there is much less that I’ve read, so it is only going to get harder. I expect School Level 2 to really make me feel like an idiot.

(Every English class so far has also assured us that English degrees are much in demand in the job market. It really comes across as bad self confidence on the part of English departments)

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