Hourly Comics

So now that I’m Twitter I know more about what people on the Internet are doing. I guess one of the things that people are doing today is hourly comics. That is to say, they are creating a comic strip to chronicle each hour of their day. I can do that. So I did:

Anyway, that will do. I’ve had better days, but I’ve had worse too.

  1. More faster is correct and the more faster you accept that the better it will be.

    (I don’t know nuffin’ about the images thing. Upgrading sounds like a possible ruining of it, sure. I’ll tell the one who knows things.)

  2. It’s funny because I had a yogurt go bad dream once that reminded me to eat the yogurt in the fridge I had forgotten about which would probably have gone bad if the dream had not reminded me that I had yogurt in the fridge.

    • Okay, here’s what I’m taking from this: Yogurt is able to communicate with us through dreams and uses that to make sure it is eaten before it is too late. We have the evidence now.

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