Stagnant Government Robots

Okay, “stagnant” is not the ideal word choice, but the SecGov strip has reached a kind of status quo right now. I’ll sum it up here:

The Secret Government, a political entity staffed almost entirely by robots, has declared war with their ancient enemy the Beekeepers. The SecGov Defense Department blames the Beekeepers for several attacks which were, in fact, unrelated, or even accidents, but upon learning this has decided to stick to the war for the boost it is giving the SecGov economy. To date the Beekeeper Elders have not even acknowledged the war.

One SecGov bodyguard robot, Gladys Blue, has been training with an infamous super-assassin Jason Dante, in the hopes of learning more about the Secret Government, but is having trouble making the secret meetings with the city readying for war. Meanwhile, a SecGov army soldier, Zeke Purple, has killed an extradimensional entity with his mind and is now gaining the vast powers of that being and becoming the Army’s top weapon. But how much is his personality changing as these powers grow?

I think that covers most of the basics.

So we’re sitting here with that as the state of things, and now I’m getting a bit too busy to keep up the pace of three pages a week, so I’ll be scaling back down to two. The last few pages have also been standalones a trend that may continue for a while, though I do have plans for so many more stories.

You can blame homework for this.

  1. You can blame homework for this.

    Homework can blamed for a lot, really.

    Has anyone referred to you as “that old guy in our class” yet?

    • I’d have to actually speak to them to know, but I am going to assume they have. Though, to be honest, all my classes this year are so big I don’t know if they’d even notice me in the back. Always in the back.

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