Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By…

Hi, this is Marq here. Pat asked me to throw up a SecGov Single that I did up using my brand new drawing tablet (at the time), only now that I’ve procrastinated and decided I could find it the night before WHILE AT WORK (the paying job, that is), seems I cannot locate it. BUT, here is a preview of the first panel without word balloons:

Another Cyril Thing

Don’t you just love those eye-gougingly garish colours?! I guess I’ll have to throw the comic up when I get home. Sorry for the delay, every(three)body. Alright, Marq out.

  1. Hey look! It’s a Marq post! And I didn’t even have to leave the country for it to happen!

    Ah well. I was thinking I might have to scale back to two a week anyway. At least while school is on. When you fund it, it can be the Tuesday comic.

  2. Man, I love the look of the tablet drawings. I must use it someday.

    • And I even improved since drawing that… but then went and stopped drawing for several days. I’m a bad artist.

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