Tomorrow I go back to school after a thirteen year-long Summer, I guess. I do not anticipate this being a great time for PDR while it is happening, but maybe it’ll be good in the long run. Here’s hoping anyway.

Over the last few days I have tried and failed miserably to switch to a daytime sleeping schedule. My first class tomorrow is at eleven-thirty, which is late by Day People standards, but is going to be a rough rise for PDR.


The gods of fire sleep.
They wait in the wood for you.
Why not let them out?

By apparent coincidence I just had my Visa limit upped by over $2000. This is almost like getting another loan for school, which I desperately need. And it also means I’m going to have more to pay back when this is all over. Uh oh.

  1. Wednesday was my niece’s first day of school. It’s that time of year I guess. Hmm. Increasing your visa limit might not be a smartest move by the company.

    • Actually, keeping people in perpetual debt is exactly how credit card companies make money. I’m the one who will come to regret this.

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