First Week of School

So, I have been through three classes now. It’s all been easy stuff so far. “Here’s what we’re gonna do” and that sort of thing. Oh how great it would be if the whole year was like that. But no. Sadly I’m going to have to do things at some point. Lame.

But at this point all I have is first impressions. High among these is: Young people are everywhere!!! Why did people make so many young people? Do we need this many? It seems excessive. Oh well, I assume that as the year goes on they’re going to be dropouts and get alcohol poisonings and leave to join circuses. Ideally the place will be more organized in a month or so and I won’t have to look at so many darn young people.

Speaking of young people, I have been given my student ID card and it would seems that the school still had my photo on file from 1999. Thus, the image of me on that card fits in well among all the young people around campus. Also from my original school stint, at least two of the chairs in the Student Union Building still have my initials carved into it. UH OH! My legacy is vandalism!

Oddly enough during one of my classes in a lecture hall in a building that didn’t even exist back in my original universattempt I sat down to find the initials “LDR” on the desk before me. Who could this LDR be? It is a mystery.

Anyway, to sum up: My “first week” of school was, in fact, only two days of school. I can’t really tell anything about what to expect. I’m nervous about the work I have ahead of me, but I kinda expect (or at least hope) that it won’t be as bad as it seems like now.

I guess that is all I’ve got. More details in the future.

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