Justice-Man Begins

When I was a young man, I created a superhero. His name was Justice-Man. Click below if you want to read a story about him set exactly sixteen years ago:

It’s hard to read old pencil-on-paper scanned onto the computer (though I’ve had the Space Army up for years), but I just feel like Justice-Man is an important PDR creation who deserves to be on the site. Hopefully someday I’ll get a chance to revisit this character.

  1. Dr.Blade has some huge glasses. Also, he’s kind of an idiot.

    • I don’t think that anybody comes out of that story not looking at least a bit idiotic.

      • Most of all those who read the whole thing like me.

        Commented: Anthony (on )
        Permalinked: c69837
      • Oh Pat, do you need to be taken to the hospital again? Seems you were on the receiving end of a wicked burn…

        Commented: Marq (on )
        Permalinked: c69838
      • Quite.

        Commented: PDR (on )
        Permalinked: c69839

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