Good Riddance

For more than a year now, I think, I’ve had something of a mission around my apartment, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here. I’ve been trying to get rid of as much of my accumulated stuff as I can. It was easy at first, I left about a third of my clothes in some of those donation boxes, and I just discarded my busted up dresser and this one chair I had. But as time goes on, it is getting harder to find things I can be so easily rid of.

Then I found a bag of disposable razors that I must have got somewhere. It had been quite a few years since I last bothered to go fully cleanshaven, I’ve instead been just using an electric trimmer at its lowest setting to give myself short stubble. But the possibility of using up the razors (and a can of shaving cream as well, for that matter) overcame my laziness and so I have been shaving this month for real.

Of course, I’m not all that good at it.

Not a great picture, but I’m confident that you can tell I’ve been butchering my face.

At any rate, it is getting to the point where my collections of comics, books, and DVDs are really showing how big they are. While I was able to rid myself of a handful of books, I really don’t want to part with most of these things. But there is also a not-insubstantial collection of VHS tapes I’ve collected. Years ago someone was leaving their collection in the laundry room of the building each with three movies taped from a movie network or something like that. I’m now working my way through these, getting rid of them as I go. Many of them are old movies I’ve either seen or never heard of and hopefully, as I get through them, I’ll work up the energy to offer my thoughts on the Internet, since that was my justification for taking the tapes in the first place.

Anyway, my ultimate goal is to have way less stuff. So far, it is going well.

  1. You look like a teenager who fell asleep on Elm Street.

  2. I do walk past Elm Street on my way home from work, so theoretically if I were to pass out from tiredness, it could end poorly for me.

  3. I think you are too old for Freddy to get you now. But stay away from Camp Crystal Lake. Jason likes to kill teens but he isn’t above killing someone your age.

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