PDR Census A Looming Disaster

So, right before work yesterday I took the time to fill out the Canadian Census thing. As you all should know, I declared myself an independent nation years ago, but have continued on as a Canadian citizen as well for the sake of good relations. I expected this might lead to some problems with the government questionnaire, but only once did it even come close to being complicated:

Is there anyone listed above who is a government representative of another country (for example, embassy or high commission)?

Well, I’ve never really gotten around to figuring out how the government of Patrick D Ryall works, so I was able to honestly answer “no” to that.

It went on to not ask me any questions about my ethnicity (though it did make me feel bad for not having learned a second language yet). And I also never got a question about my religion. I was totally hoping to name my belief system so that maybe we’d be moving towards its acceptance as a belief system instead of just being the rantings of one lonely idiot.

Anyway, at work it was explained to me that what I filled out was probably just the mandatory short form census and that the optional long one would have covered all that. Oh well. Next time.

But hey, I took the option to have my answers revealed 92 years from now! Fame is coming my way!

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