I know Ninja Karate.

So, before work on Friday I wanted to finish the story I started last Friday the Thirteenth, so I did that. Since I’m not getting much work done on the Hover Head story I wanted to do, it is good to something with those characters again. Too bad I had no real idea what I was doing and I wanted to get it done before work (on Friday the Thirteenth) and thus ended with a story where even the characters don’t know how to end it. Oh well. The best thing about finishing a story is that it clears a little bit of space in my brain, and that has been accomplished. So that’s good.


You let the tiger get out.
Go to your room, Bill.

I had a movie idea the other day that I figure I should write down to prove I had it before it is inevitably made by someone else: Undead Monsters playing Russian Roulette while talking about their lives. Possible ending: the bullet goes through the ghost’s head and hits the mummy.

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