So when I was a kid I saw a UFO. It was when I was walking to school one day, probably this was around 1990 or so. As UFO sightings go, it is really on the boring side of the scale. I have tried to represent it as best I can recall in the three panels above which depict it as it flies in front of a cloud. As you can see, it’s just kinda blue and white. The exact blue of the sky and the exact white of the cloud. Because of that it really seems more like atmospheric phenomena than alien spacecraft, but hopefully that is just what they want us to think.


Boring UFO.
Probably not aliens.
I am still your friend.

So that is my UFO story. Not much, but it’s all I got, so I’d thought I’d add it to the Book of PDR on this similarly nice day. Of course, now that I’m not nine, a nice day like this doesn’t make for a nice UFO-spottin’ walk to school. Nowadays it means a sweltering apartment where the heat wakes me up after four hours and I just can’t get back to sleep. Oh how times change.

So anyway, while I am sure that the universe is big enough that alien life must be out there, they haven’t visited me yet. When they do, I’ll put in a good word for the rest of you.

  1. I think the UFO is either an angel or God. Or maybe the Devil.

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