So, I managed to, at the last second before I had to go to work, get that Robot story up for International Robot Day. Good for me. For those who don’t know (which is a group that exceeds the population of the Earth) the robot Robexor first appeared in a story I did years ago. Things did not go as well for him that time.

For the record, I Googled “International Robot Day” and it seems there already is one on February 5th! So now we get two! Robots are so lucky.

And if they choose not to recognize my International Robot Day, you better believe I will retaliate. PDR style.

Robexor Goes To San Francisco.

Robexor was walking around on the bottom of the ocean and making records of the various shipwrecks he came across as he had been for the last few months when an idea process began in his computronic mind. It had been a long time since he had been on the surface, he thought, maybe the […]

Metal Pie

Why does all the spam that tries to post on my site have to be so complimentary? I’m constantly deleting comments about how interesting and wonderful my site is. Of course, since it isn’t such a great site, at least I can rationalize it by reminding myself that I am deleting lies.


The very best pie.
It has crust that tastes like gold.
And filling like tin.

I realize now that that pie doesn’t really sound so good… But I can’t argue with haiku.

I have just discovered that John Swartzwelder’s Frank Burly novel this year is to be called “The Last Detective Alive” and it will be released this Spring. Sweet. Anyone who likes absurdist comedy really ought to be reading the Frank Burly novels.


Here in Halifax we have what is called The Pizza Corner. It is a street intersection downtown upon which three of the corners are home to pizza joints and the other is a wall that is ideal for sitting on and eating pizza slices. It is an important part of Halifax.

Over the weekend I was at the pizza corner and noticed that one of the places is all paper-windowed. Is it out of business? How could it be when it is in the prime downtown location and the one up the street from me, which I would assume is in a less favorable location is still marching along? Is the pizza corner location just being renovated? I did not look closely enough to tell.

Oh woeful economy. Don’t destroy the Pizza Corner. Or do. I don’t really care. I mean, there’s still two other pizza places there.

Be nice to your robots!

According to something I wrote on Conains2 several years ago March 25 is International Robot Day. Since nobody has contradicted me since then, I take that as proof that it is true. Sort of like how since nobody official has contradicted that Patrick D Ryall is a nation, I know that that is true.

So that means that Patrick D Ryall will be celebrating International Robot Day in just a few weeks! Who else is excited? I bet you all are.


Behold the Trumpet!
It can bring forth sounds of joy!
But it won’t. It won’t.

I will try to write a story for International Robot Day, I think. We could all use more stories for International Robot Day…