I Never Beat Super Mario 2 Either…

So, I’ve had this wart on my finger for a few years now. I’m getting annoyed with it. In my dimly remembered youth I had a wart on my thumb for a while and got rid of it with a product called Compound W. That worked just find back then. But this time, I’ve used the stuff so much that I have on two occasions burned this wart down until there was a concavity in my finger. Both times the wart has grown back. As I say, this is starting to annoy me. But then, I don’t see any other way of getting rid of the thing so I’ll be burning it down a third time, I guess.

Also, after I titled this post, I went back to check for my previous post about my wart. That is also named after Wart from Mario 2. Apparently that is just where my mind goes when the topic comes up.

And the freeze-ray thing I mentioned in that post… Obviously it didn’t work either.

  1. You never beat Wart? But he’s easy…

  2. Dude, I never even made it to Wart. Me and Mad Skills At Video Games aren’t close friends, so Mario 2 is one of the many, many games that PDR has come nowhere near beating.

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