After a Hiatus…

Previously on Book of PDR:

When a webcomic mentioned an obscure physics term, PDR tried to use Google to find out what it was. He ended up with a computer version of a virus inside his computer. He cleaned his computer and got rid of the virus enough so he could still operate it for his limited needs, but he knew the virus was still there. He thought it would not matter. He did not realize that it was SKYNET!

Anyway, I just spent like four or five days without the Internet. I guess my virused-up computer was sending out spam or something, so my provider shut me down (without actually telling me, just for the record). Anyway, I seem to have cleaned up the thing now. Maybe next time I’ll try a little harder to prevent this sort of thing.

Now to get caught up on all the Internet I missed over that brief time.

  1. I liked the part where you told me you were going to write “Previously on Book of PDR” when we got the internet back and now it has happened.

  2. Holey moley. Have you been terminated?

  3. As far as I know I am not yet terminated. I expect sequels, though, and who can tell what happens then.

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