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I had seen the movie Zeitgeist mentioned by several of my friends on Facebook over the last year, so when I saw a link to one of the parts of the movie I thought I could sit down and watch that part. It was all about my hated enemies money and corporate greed, after all. I guess I skipped parts one and two and cursory research says they’re about Religion and the attacks on the World Trade Center, so I don’t feel like I missed much.

For the most part, the film holds up as an interesting string of connections and theories. I don’t know how much of it is accurate, and really how could I research these facts myself? Google? I’d end up with more facts of the same nebulous value. The film’s position as a subversive documentary bringing shocking facts to daylight works against it for me. I can’t help but think they’d be willing to state something as a certainty when, in fact it is still only a theory, just to get their point across.

That said, I’m still on their side. I believe that the greedy people want to keep their wealth and will do bastardly things to do so. I could definitely see someone wanting to create an ongoing war as a means of keeping profits rolling in. And the government allowing schools to slip in value to keep people dumb and distracted? Yeah, I buy that.

Just a few comments:

I’m willing to accept the idea that maybe, just maybe, a shadowy organization that controls things allowed an opening for an attack on America, but to say they specifically caused the attacks on the World Trade Center does kinda write off the actual complaints of angry and desperate Muslim people as meaningless. There are very real issues that allow people in other countries to hate the “Civilized World” such as poverty and our perceived indifference. If we were to all work together helping get the rest of the world up to our own standards of living and education, it wouldn’t be as easy for the manipulators to find guys willing to blow themselves up to prove a point.

Also, the film touches upon the idea of a One World Government just briefly and acts as if it would be a horrible thing. Yes, I don’t want the world to be ruled by one government that is made up of puppets working for corporations, but I think the idea of just one governing body (one that serves the people, rather than rules them) would be a very great thing. Borders are good for locating your geological position, but apart from that, they just serve to separate people.

Right now, the States is going through some pretty rough financial times. It will be interesting to see what the government will be allowed to get away with to get them out of them. If the film is correct, this would be the controllers tightening their grip on the populace to make them accept any way out, no matter how evil.

And that’s it for now.

  1. I’ve checked out the one on the 2001 terrorist attacks and I have to admit they’ve got a lot of circumstantial evidence going on their side for the States government having been behind it, but I’m still going to need something a bit less amateur before I buy into it.

    And as I said above, we really should not be overlooking the poverty worldwide that makes people hate us. Really.

    And as for the one on religion, I’ve not seen the whole thing yet, but they seem to be working on the idea that “sun” and “son” are homonyms in pretty much every language ever. And that’s a pretty idiotic mistake to get start on.

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