Total Corporate Givebackery!

Since I have no idea when Patrick is coming home, if it is today or two days from now, I might as well concede and give him back his website. This, however, does not admit defeat. On the other hand, it is with complete annihilation looming that I am surrendering. How silly and frivolous of me to think I could do such a thing and get away with it.

I took apart the vacuum. Like, completely. And all I had to do was wash out each part in warm water. Just like that, new vacuum! If, oh, let’s say computers were made like that, we’d all be travelling back and forth to Mars already. Because that’s how awesome we’d be. Terraforming the red planet and everything.

Gotta go kick a raccoon outta his temporary home. Also, to commemorate this time well spent, let us not forget the wonderful banner that I made:

Beautiful, ain’t it?

Save the best for last,

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