Stuff I Saw.

Geez. I’ve neglected to put anything here for too long. Let’s just see…

I saw some graffiti the other day that read “Chicken Over Bitches” and gave no other details on what that might be. I see a handful of possibilities. There’s the possibility that it could be about a guy who likes his to eat chicken more than he likes to be in the company of women. There’s also the fact that another word for “chicken” is another word for “penis” so it could be kind of a “Homies Over Hoes”-style statement in favor of homosexuality. It would also be nice to think that maybe someone would be kind enough to actually not be using bitches to refer to women. It could be about actual dogs. That means it could be a guy who advocates eating chicken instead of eating dog. I’d get behind that. Also, it could be using the word “over” in terms of literal position and thus maybe the chickens are flying over the dogs, or even riding them like horses or something. That’d be cool. I guess “chicken” could also be people who are scared of stuff. Yeah…

“Do the Homie! Do the Homie!”

Also, a few days back, Saturday morning I guess I left work on foot and got to walk through the wilderness between the Middle Of Nowhere that I am employed within and the city of Halifax. I got to see a rabbit walking around and a duck with three babies swimming behind it.

And just to continue commenting on what I’ve seen, I shall look out the window and tell you of whatever is out there… Wow. Interestingly enough two vehicles in the morning traffic seem to have had a minor accident. They appear to be doing well enough. Looking at the damage and such. That means I get to call them suckers. Excellent. Suckers.

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