Catching Up

I finished my trial of the Online Star Wars. I enjoyed it such that if it were free I would keep playing, but I ain’t gonna pay.

If I had arisen from bed in time today I would have gone grocery shopping, but I didn’t. I rarely go “grocery shopping” for real, instead opting to just buy enough for the one meal at hand. But today I would have gone and bought a bunch of stuff. It’s a moot point now though. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. But then it’s also a possibility I will be eaten by a giant wolf, so who knows? The future is so unpredictable.

I realized yesterday that I have forgotten the rules to Heads Up Seven Up. My entire education has been wasted.

Apart from this, I haven’t got a whole lot going on to speak about. I’ll be at work an hour and a half from now and I’ll think of something cool to say and then about twelve hours from now I’ll be home and will have forgotten it. That is all.

  1. I have not forgotten the rules to heads-up-7-up. My Master’s degree is not in vain! I’m blind!!!

  2. TO be honest, I don’t forget the rules. I also don’t forget that I used to cheat by looking down to see the shoes of anyone who picked me, so I could find em easier. But I didnt get picked much anyway…

  3. Pretty much the entire memory I have of the game was myself blatantly peeking.

    Elementary was way cooler than later school years when you get down to it.

  4. I seem to recall that sometimes the class size was too small to have seven people picking seven other people so the numbers were reduced and that made the name of the game completely wrong.

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