Thumbs Up, Mr. T

I spent a lot of time sleeping both yesterday and today. Not a favorite pastime of mine. Waste of a weekend is what that really is. I have plenty of better ways I could have wasted my weekend.

More importantly: For the last month I have passed a bus stop on the way to work. Actually, I pass many bus stops, but this one is important in that it has an advertisement with Mr. T on it. I am generally moving too fast (and on the other side of the road) to see this ad, I can only tell that it says “Thumbs Up”. It pleases me even though I don’t know what it is selling. Heck, it probably pleases me more because I don’t know what it is selling.

Beyond that, not much to say just now.

  1. I pity the fool who doesn’t fetch me some milk and cookies right now. Oh, and not the kind with mayonnaise and soggy crackers in them. I don’t like those ones.

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