Paint the Town.

I was thinking today, I don’t like the color red as much as I used to. I think it’s because of cars. I’m just not really big on red cars.

At this moment, I can count thirty-five orange pylons from my bedroom window. That seems like a lot to me. I don’t think there’s really all that much road construction going on just now, so I assume something horrible is going on. Especially since there is also a tent set up. I wonder if it’s time for that thing with all the old cars that line up on the street and make a bunch of traffic that they seem to have every year.

I remember a commercial from some years back that seemed, as I recall, to imply that you can tell if a chicken (the dead kind what you buy for eating) is good if it is yellow. How the chunks does the meat turn yellow? How can I make my own flesh yellow for the benefit of those who shall eat me?

I got caught in a downpour a few days back and I really was soaked. Supersoaked, I would say. But the strange thing is, the jeans I was wearing are totally dry now. The t-shirt (green one with a 1-up mushroom) is still damp. This tells me two things: Even though jeans always take longer to dry in the actual drying-machines, t-shirts can stay damp longer if left in a ball. Also, it tells me that I ought to do some laundry tonight.

As for which color I do like on cars? Blue has really grown on me in the last decade or so. I now officially say that if I ever get a Patmobile-type-super-awesome-car, I would want it to be be blue. And shiny. And if it could fly, all the better. Also the ability to shrink would be awesome. Plus maybe lasers.



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