PDR Update.

Few days back my bookshelf totally collapsed. DVDs, books and toys now cover the living room floor and I’m not picking them up until I buy a new bookshelf. For some reason Canadian Tire no longer sells bookshelves (that’s where I got the last one) so I have to find someplace that isn’t a minute away from my home. Sigh. That’s inconvenient, eh? At least the mess of the living room has nothing compared to that of my bedroom.

Kip totally made it by for a short visit today! It’s about time. The last four attempts at that failed. My day is always better when I get a dose of Vitamin Kip (AKA gibberish, insults and stupidity).

But I have to go to work an hour early now. I’ll complain about that. Complain!

That’s about it.

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