Who Is Your Daddy?

A month or so ago I had a dream about finding out I was going to be a father. My most recent dream was a variation on that. Much stranger. During the course of the dream I didn’t meet the woman who was carrying my child, but I knew her and knew she had been a nun or something. And while that was strange enough, things got stranger. Within the dream I suddenly woke up in my grandmother’s home. She informed me that I’d been in a coma for almost two years. She introduced me to my little son, who I helped feed while my grandmother filled me in on what had been happening. It seems I was an early casualty of a disease that “spread across the land” putting people to sleep. And though my grandmother didn’t mention it I got the distinct impression the disease had a high fatality rate and that humanity was not too worried about overpopulation anymore. My grandmother did mention, however, that in a lot of cases (but not mine apparently) the disease caused the victim’s skin color to change. My grandmother went to the television to put a tape on that would have told me what I had missed (she was still being cryptic) but that was when I woke up. I’m certain that tape would have told me the world was on the verge of the apocalypse, but I had to wake up and miss it… Oh well…

In other news, I tried calling the bank yesterday, but I guess the number they tried calling me from doesn’t work with incoming calls… I work early today but tomorrow perhaps I shall drop into the bank in person, and see if they know what’s up.

It’s been far too long since I’ve had email and, while I doubt anyone has tried to reach me, I still feel like I’m supposed to be checking this stuff.

  1. Don’t read Sandman and watch nun porn before you go to bed. Mixing the two causes weird dreams. I learned this lesson the hard way.

  2. But… But… How can I live without nun porn?!?!

  3. Watch as much nun porn as you want. Just wait three hours before bed or you get strange dreams.

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