I saw the Tenacious D movie. Aside from Marq there were only eight other people in the place. It’s a shame. I saw Borat last weekend and it had a much bigger crowd.

I guess the fact that I didn’t even know about the D’s movie two weeks ago could signify a lacklustre hype buildup. More likely it’s just a sign of how out of touch I am now, though.

Also I shaved today. Man that is much more tedious than it works. Maybe as someone who shaves less than once a month these days, I shouldn’t complain about it, but until I have an adamantium razor that runs on magic, I’m probably not going to stop complaining.

Let’s see… I used to think the nighttime security lady was nicer than the daytime security lady, but lately it seems they’re both ornery old women who take their jobs too seriously. But then I still don’t understand why a newspaper printing plant needs twenty-four hour watchmen, a multitude of security cameras, required sign-in for anyone entering the building and passcards that you can’t get in or even out of the building without. And also you need those cards to get from different parts of the building. I admit right now, if I ever find spies from rival paper The Daily News who are curious to know what’s going on in there, I’ll be happy to tell them: We’re printing a freaking paper.

I still loathe my job, by the way.

  1. What was it? “These stairs lead to upper level”? Ridiculous people.

  2. Yeah. Something like that. But that’s the insane old safety lady. A totally different insane old lady. Sigh.

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