I Slept Lots.

Yesterday I slept for like sixteen hours. One day on the weekend I slept a total of seventeen, though not all at once. I fear I may be sick or something and my body is trying to fight it. Whatever the case, it sure does eat up my time. And that I don’t care for. But I was late for work last night, which has it’s upsides.


Many Robots Fly.
Some have extendable legs.
Too few have chauffeurs.

I bought a cherry pie a few days back, except when I took it out of the box, it turned out to be a straw-berry rhubarb. I have since righted this gross mis-labeling by eating the strawberry rhubarb and then buying a real cherry.

  1. Woot pie!

    Just( as in what I’m about to say is just (as in the sense of justice, but not natural justice, only man-made justice)) so you know, strawberry rhubarb pie is superior to cherry pie. That same cannot be said about being kicked in the crotch, face, butt-hole, girlie parts for teeth (Yes girlie parts are different crotches!).

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  2. As always, you prove yourself to be a true genius of wisdom.

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