Vibrational Constant

There’s only one justifiable reason for a man to shoot another man: Practice.

So… Let’s see… If I were a doctor I would get to call myself Dr. Ryall. But If I were a Boxer, I wouldn’t get to call myself Bxr. Ryall? This society is even more corrupt than I had originally believed it to be! To Hell With You ALL!


Forever ugly.
That is the way of my man.
The Elephant Man!

It looks like I’m about to have a couple of bad nights at work. I fully expect to be even more bitter than usual very soon.

  1. what is the deal with you and Doctor/Boxer comparisons?

  2. You see, PDR was beaten as a child by his family doctor. Either that or “PDR” stands for Personalities: Doctor/Rexob. It must be either one of the two.

  3. My reason is no reason, brotha! If that isn’t correct then it’s from the fact that he watched me beat dirty Mexicans in soggy boxes for years.

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