Tina Ames Reference Pictures

Tina Ames is a character who was introduced in the 1970s as part of a well-intentioned but badly executed attempt at adding some much-needed diversity to the Superman books. She only made a handful of appearances before being forgotten (so forgotten that she doesn’t even have a page on the DC Fandom Wiki).

In the last story arc she got to appear in (in 1979) she was empowered by otherworldy energies which briefly drove her on a super-powered rampage until the heroes could save the day.

My story is going to imagine a better timeline where Tina’s gaining super powers was not just some problem that had to be solved, but was the start of her career as a superhero called Powerwoman. I like to imagine that, in a world where the character was better treated, she got a series drawn by an artist with a style like Gene Colan’s. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it, but I’ve found that your art is somewhat Colan-esque, so it feels right that I should recruit your help.

Obviously, if Tina had become a superhero, she would have been given a superhero costume, so I need to figure out what that would look like. It doesn’t work for her to just continue being a featurless glowing form.

I want her to have a look that feels like it belongs among the Superman Family of characters, but stands out against the nonstop blues and reds already found there. To give myself an example to work from, I have modified a Supergirl image, to see something I think might work. The main problem is that Tina would not be wearing the S-shield on her costume, but I have no idea what would be on there.

With her powers, Tina can take on an immaterial glowing energy form that allows her to pass through solid matter, or she can glow less and become more solid. I figure that as she becomes a superhero and gets better control, we will actually be able to see her face while she has her powers, and also that she will be able to pull her power into herself so much that even light can’t escape, making her fists into pure black unbreakable forms that can deliver super punches. With that power, I like the idea of the costume being sleeveless, so when she goes into her powerful black arm form, it shows off.