Facts About Mexico.

A Science Lesson From Kip:

Little known fact. Mexico is only place to exist on every planet in very universe in all megaverses. That is why Mexicans are also called aliens.

This Has Been A Science Lesson From Kip

So what did PDR learn in school this week? Well, mostly he has learned how popular scarves are with the ladies these days. Scarfgirls everyplace.

Also, I’ve actually spoken to other students and their attitudes make me sad. “The only thing that matters is that I pass this assignment,” they say. They are concerned about their marks more than they are the material. That’s the exact thing I hate about the way the school system works, isn’t it? What a country.

Anyway, I guess I’m getting the hang of writing essays. It’s all about pretending, really. I may not have anything to say about this article I’m reviewing, but if I pretend I do, I guess that’s good enough. After all, all that matters is that I hand it in and get my grades.

Take my Gilgamesh essay: When I read the Epic of Gilgamesh a few years back I saw Gil’s failure to acheive his dream of immortality as a kind of unhappy ending. Sure, he wised up and accepted it, but in the end he died, so that was that. But during the course of this class I’ve been introduced to another interpretation, that through his suffering, Gilgamesh did manage to acheive a kind of immortality in the form of being remembered through story. Neat, said PDR. But y’know what, I find my original interpretation easier to write about, so I’m now actively arguing against the thing I found so neat. Why? Because what I think doesn’t matter. The marks are what matter, so I guess I’ll go with the essay I can probably do better. An essay I already considered meaningless because other people have discussed the topic better than I could is now also not representative of my actual thoughts on the subject. That’s school writing for ya!