Jimmy is going undercover on the miniature monster planet Transilvane, to get a story but also to justify to Ron Troupe how much money he spent on neck bolts last year. #JimmyOlsember https://t.co/q5ENoosdw9

That time Jimmy got turned into a pickle he didn’t make a big deal out of it. #JimmyOlsember https://t.co/5KAZ29rIBq

Some people would be fazed by being transformed into a fire elemental, but Jimmy’s on a hot streak and knows he’ll get a column out of it. (Don’t worry, his watch is fireproof.) #JimmyOlsember https://t.co/qzjQadktmY

Because one person actually did say it should happen: I am doing #JimmyOlsember once more. What’s Superman’s Pal getting up to this time?

Spoilers for the Beatles thing everyone is watching: if ALL their friends live on board, there can not be more of them to live next door.