How Polio Was Cured

At the exact mid-point of the Bronze Age, there was an island village called Priggidyprop. It was peaceful place and its people knew a lot about fishing and boats. One of those people was Mugsy. Mugsy liked crackers. When Mugsy was old enough to work, his parents told him that he either had to go […]

Can Ghosts Snore?

I was only going to be in town one night, so I got a cheap motel room. But the place looked fine. I’ve stayed in scummier places. In the morning I checked in and dropped off the car. Spent the day in meetings and stayed at the bar with the team a little later than […]

Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles, Chapter Thirty

Adam and Dante ate supper while Gladys browsed clothing websites. “I’ve got to warn you,” Dante said, “Any disguises I can get for you aren’t gonna be hot.” “I don’t care about that,” said Gladys. “It has to fit over your robot skin and your asymmetrical arms. Realistically, I think the best bet will be […]