Top Ten PDR’s One Weaknesses

Just in case PDR ever turns to the seductive path of evil, here’s a list of his one weaknesses.

  1. Microwave radiation can cause PDR’s innards to boil and bake.
  2. Nuclear-powered foam? PDR’s one weakness.
  3. His love for puppies can be exploited.
  4. Hit the soft glowing underbelly that is only exposed when he is shooting a fireball.
  5. Jive beats can ruinize PDR’s brainpan flow.
  6. Stairs.
  7. Mistletoe is too young for PDR to be immune to it.
  8. One weakness? Illogic. DOES NOT COMPUTE!
  9. The Silver Rapier of Gandonau can pierce PDR’s skin and sever his limbs.
  10. PDR’s One Weakness: Gangrene.

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