Comics Not Related To Halloween.

Hey! I’m in New York, but I’ve used technology to update my website for me so I don’t miss the comics update. It’s Halloween, but these comics have nothing to do with that.

SecGov Robots:

So that ends this little epilogue with the beekeepers. I intend to get back to that little plotline in the future, but we’ve an unrelated story starting next week.

Phone Guys:

So thus begins the second batch of Phone Guys comics. Personally I think that this batch has about five percent fewer nonsensical pointless strips than last year’s did. If we keep up that trend we could one day get it down to only eighty-five percent pointlessness!

  1. Holy smoke, you updated the site all the way from New York? What kind of palantir did you use?

  2. No way, since he’s using WordPress, he can make posts and give them a future date and time for it to post automatically. I doubt we’ll hear from him again until he’s home.

    Maybe it’s time for me to take over the website again.

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